Legitimacy and Legal

The committee shall audit rules and regulations proposed by the other sub-committees and specialized committees that are to determine the position of scientific developments.

Research on Human

consider in regulation Conduct research on human in terms of the licensing mechanism, and local ethics committees and ethical standards for the approval of research and other organizations, The Committee is divided into two subcommittees:

 The Use Of Genetic Material And Its Banks
Dealing with saving genetic material  and dealing with information systems in terms of genetic privacy, preservation and retrieval
 Clinical Research From The Ethical Aspects
Regulations relating to research on the embryo and the prisoner and the child and incompetent and other regulations related to the humans.



Research on animals and plants

considering in developing controls of dealing with animal and plant in research from the Islamic aspect, and definition of research that allows them to conduct experiments on animals and plants, identification and rehabilitation researcher conducting research on animals and methods of treatment of animals before and during the experiment , a monitoring mechanism research and Conditions of the Barns, development methods, care and disposal of animal after the end of the experiment.

The Committee also takes controls on research related plants such as genetic modification, transport and laboratory experiments specifications.


Education and Information

considering in developing appropriate plans to activate programs of the National Committee of Bioethics in educational communities in various stages as well as for health workers and those with attention and targeted scope of work of the National Committee, as well as interested Committee to develop a policy appropriate information to support the work of the National Committee to educate the community and to educate towards bioethics and medical, and  educational workers in the health field and make them aware of the vital importance of bioethics.

Specialized sub​​-committees

Is the formation of a specialized sub​​-committees of the National Committee to study issues and topics of renewable or received by the Committee from the higher level of the Kingdom for study and provide opinion. Or by research organizations and related functions and terms of reference of the Committee. usually those members of the committees from the National Committee as well as specialists from outside the Committee if the need arises.


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