Rules and regulation and Registration

First step: Rules

The first step involves a review of all the rules developed by the NCBE, envisioned to fit different types of research conducted on living creatures. You can select the specific rules concerning your research from the below schedule:

  • Law of Ethics of Research on Living Things (more..)
  • Law of Ethics of Research on Living Things Bylaws (more..)
  • NCBE regulations and procedures published through NCBE website and official media outlets.


Second step: Registration

Go to the registration page. Once you submit all the registration information, you will be automatically transferred to the educational test. You have the option to take the test later. Once you finish taking the test, the result will be emailed to you directly. Go directly to the registration page (Researcher registration).


Final step: The test

After your registration is confirmed, you can do the basic test. It is an open book test. You can answer the multiple-choice questions online within a period of thirty minutes. The purpose of this test is to offer a simple, accommodating and not time consuming method to review the main rules and guidelines related to your research activity, and to allow you to check the consistency of your research activity with the international and Islamic rules of research ethics. (The online test is at the end of the online course on researcher control panel).

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